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Pink Sugar


Starting with my first family dog, Scampi (yes, that permanently ruined my ability to eat shrimp), all my dogs have lived good, long, healthy lives. My mother used to buy beef trimmings from the butcher, had them ground, and cooked dinner for our dogs every night (hey, it was the ‘60s). As far as treats were concerned, they didn’t exist. And as far as my parents were concerned, that’s why our dogs lived so long. Meanwhile, secretly, my brother and I shared our peanut butter sandwiches and spoonsful of peanut butter with the dogs because... they loved peanut butter!


Once I adopted my own dog buddies, I made sure to buy them high-quality food and I started to bake them healthy and interesting dog treats, peanut butter being a featured ingredient in many of them. Other ingredients I use, such as organic cinnamon and ginger, have been shown to support a healthy immune system in both dogs and humans.


Nowadays, I feed my buddy, Diego Rivera (my 10-year-old Corgi/Giant Schnauzer mix – featured on my logo in his younger days), high quality dog food, and feed him and our extended family of dogs our delicious, all-natural dog treats. My family and friends encouraged me to market them because their dogs loved them so much, and here we are!


Bone Vivant Treats is located in North Carolina where our recipes are registered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and have been analyzed for their nutritional value. The guaranteed analysis for each recipe is found on the back of our packages. 


Along with peanut butter treats, I adapted for-humans recipes so they’re healthy for dogs, such as our gingerbread Bis-Scotties, Coconut Macaroons, and Gingerbread Coconut Bon Bons. I also dehydrate fresh veggies like sweet potatoes and carrots (the carrots shrink to tiny pieces and are perfect for a very low-cal training treat).


Whenever possible, I use locally sourced, organic produce and honey.


Our eye-catching green pouches are made of rice paper and are recyclable, as are our bakery boxes and paper raffia. Our glass jars come with an airtight lid and are recyclable and, more importantly, reusable. 


I want you to feel confident that Bone Vivant Treats are healthy and are made with love… both for our canine friends and Mother Earth.

Peace and Love,



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